Sponsorship: 24-26 September 2021 ANBOC WA

MWAM are a major sponsor of this year's Australian National Band & Orchestra Conference. Come join us virtually or in person in Western Australia in September 2021! 



Collaboration: 2019 Australian Women's Wind Band Composition Award

Winners will be announced shortly. The competition organiser was Rachel Howley, and the panel of judges were Katy Abbott (Melbourne) Peter Morris (Queensland) and Matt Klohs (New South Wales). Winners will be offered a publishing contract with Maestros With A Mission.



Collaboration with Case Batons Australia

Hand crafted in Brisbane from Australian timbers, Case Batons are beautifully balanced and customised to conductor needs. Maestros With a Mission proudly use Case Batons and endorse this wonderful local business.

Sponsor: ANBOC 2018 diversity panel discussion

Sponsor for the 2018 ANBOC panel discussion  on Repertoire, Diversity and New Music involving Peter Morris, Wendy Hart-Higdon, John Lynch, Nicole Murphy, and Cynthia Johnston Turner, chaired by Rachel Howley was provided by Maestros With a Mission.


Collaboration with the VBL

The VBL are supporting Maestros With A Mission 'Intensives' events in 2019. 



Sponsor: 2018 Midwest Clinic

Co-sponsor for the "Celebrating Musical Excellence through Diversity" function at the 2018 Midwest Clinic in Chicago IL.