Collaboration with Case Batons Australia

Hand crafted in Brisbane from Australian timbers, Case Batons are beautifully balanced and customised to conductor needs. Maestros With a Mission proudly use Case Batons and endorse this wonderful local business.

Sponsor: ANBOC 2018 diversity panel discussion

Sponsor for the 2018 ANBOC panel discussion  on Repertoire, Diversity and New Music involving Peter Morris, Wendy Hart-Higdon, John Lynch, Nicole Murphy, and Cynthia Johnston Turner, chaired by Rachel Howley was provided by Maestros With a Mission.


Collaboration with the VBL

The VBL are supporting Maestros With A Mission 'Intensives' events in 2019 



Sponsor: 2018 Midwest Clinic

Co-sponsor for the "Celebrating Musical Excellence through Diversity" function at the 2018 Midwest Clinic in Chicago IL.