Me Disagrees (score only)

Title: Me Disagrees (score only)

Composer: Catherine Likhuta 

Genre: Wind symphony 

Level: Grade 5


Scoring: score, picc, fl 1-2-3, ob1-2, cl 1-2-3, b/c, bsn 1-2, a/s 1-2, t/s, b/s, hn 1-2-3-4, tpt 1-2-3, tbn 1-2-3, euph 1-2, tba, timp (4), perc 1-2-3-4, pno

Notes: This contemporary wind band work by Ukrainian-born Brisbane composer, pianist and recording artist Catherine Likhuta is in one movement. Me Disagrees is a richly textured conversation between the sections of the ensemble. The work features asymmetric time signatures and some extended performance techniques.

The work was commissioned by Cornell University Winds and Cynthia Johnston Turner. The composer writes: "My intention was to write a piece that would depict an argument that is not overly aggressive. Instead, it is to be playfully competitive, even somewhat humorous at times. 'I Disagree' is a strong statement, which wouldn’t reflect the lighthearted spirit of the original idea. So I decided to make it sound like something a naughty child might say to defy authority: 'Me Disagrees! End of story'.”

The Australian premiere of Me Disagrees for wind symphony by the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Wind Orchestra conducted by Dr Peter Morris can be seen at:

(c) 2013 Catherine Likhuta

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