Aurora Musis Amica (score only)

Title: Aurora Musis Amica (score only)

Composer: Sally Greenaway

Genre: Wind band

Level: Grade 4

Duration: 3'25"

Scoring: score, fl 1-2-3, ob, bsn, cl 1-2-3, b/c, a/s 1-2, t/s, b/s, hn 1-2-(3), tpt 1 (C or Bb) tpt 2-3, tbn 1-2, b/tbn, euph, tba, perc 1-2-3, bells, glock, vib, harp

Notes: Composed by Sally Greenaway for Canberra Grammar School and the Centenary of Canberra, this luxurious concert fanfare evokes a sense of awakening and celebrates the gloriousness of the new day. The composer writes: "Here I am, contemplating the dawn again. This early morning time has become irresistible, a moment with my thoughts and with awesome splendor. Often there are no words that can express the awareness of the universe as I watch light wash over the horizon. Dawn is friend of the muses. Aurora musis amica".

The work is scored for a smaller wind band setting, and includes some extended techniques suitable for developing musicians. 

See the inaugural performance by the combined Canberra Grammar Schools Orchestra, conducted by Craig Woodland, for the Canberra International Music Festival 2013:

(c) 2013 Sally Greenaway

GRE201801 Licensed Print Music Edition (c) 2018 Maestros With a Mission Pty Ltd

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