Diversity in Composition - Maestros With A Mission

In our Print Music catalogue, Maestros With A Mission are proud to be engaged in the active pursuit of a more even representation of composers who traditionally have been underrepresented by print music publishers. Our catalogue of Australian works features an approximately equal number of works by women and men, and our composers' ages range from early twenties to mid-sixties. We do not have a quota system as such, but rather look to find works of quality from a range of composers to ensure a more balanced catalogue for those of you looking to increase the diversity in your programming. Our US distributor, Murphy Music Press LLC, is renowned for their support of underrepresented composers and as such, makes a wonderful and valued partner for us here at MWAM. Watch this space as we endeavour to broaden our diversity in composition even further in the years to come, by seeking works by LGBTI and even more ethnically diverse composers in Australia. We thank you for your support of this part of our "mission".